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本文摘要:Air France is looking to Chinas booming market for international travel for new sources of revenue, the companys chief executive officer said Wednesday, as the carrier struggles to stem losses and slash costs globally.法国航空(Air France)董事长兼任


Air France is looking to Chinas booming market for international travel for new sources of revenue, the companys chief executive officer said Wednesday, as the carrier struggles to stem losses and slash costs globally.法国航空(Air France)董事长兼任首席执行长冷却(Frederic Gagey)周三回应,法国航空将目光投向了中国日益兴旺的国际旅游市场,将其视作新的收益来源之一。这家公司目前于是以无暇挣脱亏损并在全球缩减成本。Air France Chairman and Chief Executive Frédéric Gagey said one measure will be to put bigger airplanes on key routes out of China. The company is targeting early 2015 for daily deployment of Airbus 380 aircraft on Shanghai to Paris flights, up from four a week currently. Air France introduced the superjumbos, which can carry more than 500 passengers, on the route last fall. A380 flights from Hong Kong will start May 27.冷却说道,该公司将采行的措施之一是在从中国降落的关键航线上使用更大的飞机。

该公司计划2015年初在上海飞巴黎的航线上每日都决定空客(Airbus) 380航班,而现阶段为一周四趟航班。法国航空去年秋季开始在该航线上决定这种超大型飞机,这种飞机可支撑逾500名乘客。5月27日开始将在从香港降落的航线上决定空客380航班。Air France said, Beijing also could be a good candidate for deployment, but gave no time frame, citing infrastructure considerations at the capitals airport.法国航空回应,北京也是一个很好的最合适航点,但考虑到首都机场的基础设施状况,目前还没时间表。

China is Air Frances second most important long-haul market after the U.S., accounting for around 10% of revenues from such flights.中国是法国航空一个最重要的长途航空市场,重要性次于美国,在法国航空这类业务收入中,来自中国市场的收益占到了大约10%的比例。Brokerage CLSA estimates 200 million Chinese will venture abroad annually by 2020, double the 100 million in 2013. European capitals, including Paris and Amsterdam, are among the most popular destinations.里昂证券(亚洲)(CLSA)预计,到2020年每年出境的中国人将约2亿人次,较2013年的1亿人次增加一倍。

像巴黎和阿姆斯特丹等欧洲国家的大城都是最热门的地方。Another possibility is to increase the frequency of flights from Chinas secondary cities, many of which are located in the countrys interior.增加收入的另一个有可能的办法就是减少中国二线城市的航班数,二线城市大多在中国内地。

There is a huge demand from all these provinces outside of big cities for a presence by European airlines, said Mr. Gagey.冷却说道,大城市之外的这些省份不存在着极大的市场需求,尚待欧洲的航空公司研发。In 2012, Air France began flying to Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis of more than eight million people and a hub of Sino-French investment. The capital of Hubei province is home to Dongfeng Motor Corp., which recently took a major stake in French struggling car maker Peugeot Citron.2012年,法国航空开办武汉航点,这是一个享有多达800万人口的大都市,也是中法合作投资中心。作为湖北省的省会,这个城市还是东风汽车公司(Dongfeng Motor co.)所在地,这家汽车公司近期出售了法国标致雪铁龙(Peugeot Citroen)的股份。

As a group, Air France-KLM SA, also flies to other emerging inland cities, such as Chengdu, and smaller coastal destinations, such as Hangzhou and Xiamen.作为一个集团,法国航空的母公司还在成都这样的内地其他新兴城市以及杭州和厦门这样的沿海城市开办航点。Compared with big competitors out of Europe, development of their coverage of the Chinese market is far more limited, he said.冷却回应,与欧洲以外的大公司比起,法国航空对中国市场的研发相比之下不做到。The group operates 88 flights a week to Greater China--including Taipei and Hong Kong.法国航空的母公司每周飞抵大中华区(还包括台北和香港)的航班有88趟。Air France-KLM doesnt serve all destinations daily and a goal was to increase frequency on these routes for optimized operations, he said.冷却回应,法国航空的母公司并不是每天对所有的地点都积极开展服务,其目标之一是提升航线的效率构建优化运营。

Success in China could help the airline become profitable. In the first quarter, parent Air France-KLM SA, had operating losses narrow to EUR445 million ($619 million) from EUR 532 million a year earlier. Revenue was EUR5.55 billion.在中国市场如果取得成功将有助公司构建盈利。今年第一季度,法国航空的母公司运营亏损降到4.45亿欧元(合6.19亿美元),而上年同期为5.32亿欧元。


收益则为55.5亿欧元。Last September the company said it was speeding up job cuts and moving more of its European routes to its low-cost Transavia.该公司去年9月份回应将加快裁员并将更加多的欧洲航线移往到旗下低成本的航空公司Transavia。The carrier is also exploring other new destinations in China but has no concrete plans at this stage.该公司还在中国研发其他新的航点,但现阶段还没明确计划。

Air France-KLMs general manager for greater China, Bas Gerressen, said a recent crackdown by the Chinese government that discourages ostentatious consumption by officials has influenced its business. Such officials were making fewer trips and more had downgraded to cheaper travel classes, he said.法国航空母公司的大中华区总经理顾瑞新(Bas Gerressen)回应,近期中国政府反腐倡廉风暴对公司的业务有影响。官员们增加了旅行活动,并且更加多人自由选择了更为廉价的舱位。Still, overall the company could compensate by tapping other kinds of travelers such as entrepreneurs and Chinas growing number of individual travelers. The groups flights between China and Europe typically flew with more than 90% of seats occupied, Mr. Gerressen said.不过总体而言,中国大大减少的个人旅客以及企业家等群体可以填补业务上的影响。